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Emotional Power

What is Emotional Power

Physical and mental wellness is a natural priority for us. However, most of us overlook Emotional wellness. We hide our Emotional pain. And it eventually turns into a habit or second nature.
This leads to us to neglect our Emotions and creates negative feelings of Self Worth.  The Emotional Power program looks to transform these negative blocks to create Harmony & Balance within. By reaching this new state of peace, you can achieve Emotional Freedom. Find your true inner self and achieve what your heart desires.

Emotional Power is a session to unearth the energy stuck in the forgotten and buried Emotions in you and transform it into positive energy.

The Emotional Power Session
Tony Uberoi provides you an honest, caring and compassionate lens to look into the forgotten universe of your feelings and Emotions. Tony helps you to examine, correct and reawaken the hidden power in your Emotions.

Benefits derived:
This session is specially designed and tailor made, for your specific needs. This beautiful session, will free you of unnecessary Emotional burdens you have carried for a long time.

You will feel lighter and calmer.
You will connect with your hidden Emotional Power!

Self Esteem

Self Worth

Self-worth is an honest impression of oneself. When self-worth is realistic, we are content, happy and we make progress.

Self-worth is directly affected by the emotions. When we hide our Emotional pain, we create Emotional blocks. With passage of time, we continue to add layers of Emotional suppression. Emotions suppressed over time become emotional blocks. The Emotional blocks become denser and freeze our Emotional Power. This negatively affects our self-esteem and lowers both our self-confidence and self-respect.

We stop taking the initiative to create and reach goals. This slows our progress.

The Emotional Power session helps thaw frozen Emotions to regain self esteem.

You will reconnect with your Emotional Power and inner magic again.


Harmony & Balance

Tony Uberoi helps you Emotionally ground yourself. Most of the time one session is all it takes to awaken the inner magic. 

The key is to transform all the negative hidden emotions into pure positive energy.

The session brings a sense of reality and helps you to live in the present. This naturally results in a state of Harmony & Balance.

You are ready to be Emotionally stronger.

You will reconnect with your Emotional Power.


Emotional Freedom

Self-Judgement during difficult times leads us to make incorrect decisions. Often, we are unable to share our pain with others.

This leads us to hide our Emotional pain.

We wear a mask to please others while hiding our true selves. We show the world, all is well.

And then begins the downward spiral. We conceal our feelings more and more. We wear masks upon mask to hide our emotional pain.

Our Emotional armour does not protect us from pain. Instead, an Emotional prison is created.

Sadly, we are the warden and prisoner in our Emotional cell. Both these roles are unnecessary. However, we don’t know how end to our self-imprisonment.

Tony Uberoi gently and expertly helps you to free yourself from this Emotional matrix.

You will reconnect with your Emotional Freedom and achieve your Emotional Power.

About Us

Tony Uberoi - Emotional Life Coach

Tony Uberoi is an empath who is very sensitive to people’s feelings and emotions. This has helped Tony to develop his unique intuitive abilities.

This has been a blessing and a curse as all the emotional pain and suffering of those around him have added to his own emotional pain. 

This painful situation came with a silver lining though. Tony was motivated to help others with their own Emotional pain. It has pushed Tony to create the Emotional Power program.

For over 33 years, Tony has done innovative, ground breaking research, reflecting on each client's problems and has helped thousands of people around the world.

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We offer a flexible schedule to fit your needs.  If you require an appointment outside of our scheduled hours, please feel free to contact us.

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Choose either the Complete or Starter Package

Each EP transformational session is uniquely tailored to you and your individual needs. Tony has over 39 years of compassionate experience dealing with people from all walks of life, nationalities and any life situation you can imagine. Through a combination of different modalities, you’ll begin to explore your past to help identify the root causes of your inner blocks and be able to see how they are affecting you today.



Get the full benefits + 3 follow-ups

$ 997 Package

This is the 3 hour guided session that is fully customized to your individual needs. Also included are 3 additional 1-hour sessions booked at a future date to help keep the momentum going & delve deeper into issues that arise after the initial session.

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Book a single 3-hour session

$ 497 Package

This is the basic 3 hour guided session that is fully customized to your individual needs. If you feel you need follow-up sessions after the initial meeting, you can always call in to book individual sessions as needed in the future.

M.T. Toronto, On

Tony came along in my life exactly at a time when I needed some guidance. I was unhappy and becoming bitter, faking being happy to others and even to myself. Tony saw through all this and even knew the traumatic abuse that I endured as a child and the age of the trauma. I didn’t have to tell him about it. He knew. He was able to pinpoint exactly where my blocks were with accuracy. A reading from Tony helped me to realize what my gifts were, what my strengths and weaknesses were and what I needed to change to be happy and successful. I was having extreme headaches over the summer months. These headaches were gone 2 to 3 days after Tony helped me with an emotional makeover. He is honest in a loving way, very compassionate caring and gentle in each step of the emotional makeover. I have regained my confidence. I am moving towards finding out who am and I’m liking who I am. I’m able to make decisions in my life that has so far helped me moved towards fulfillment. Tony brought many blessings to my life. Thank you Tony!

R.H. Ottawa, On

“I have decided to attend the Emotional Power session because I was at a point in my life when I needed change and was not able to progress on my own. With Tony’s help I have managed to realize and give myself the permission to be who I was meant to be and to love myself for it. A great and emotional epiphany!”

N.M.T. New York, NY

I was finally able to reconnect with Tony after 15 years! And I am truly thankful for this reunion! As soon as we chatted, it was just like old times! Tony is an extremely gifted soul on this planet. His knowledge in the field of spirituality is supreme! His ability to bring out your deepest truth is unlike I've ever experienced before. Tony is very honest with genuine intentions for your own healing and growth. He communicates with you in the most helpful, kind, and caring manner. I am looking forward to our next session! Thank you again Tony for your time and energy exchange!

S.S. London, On

Tony is highly intuitive and very sensitive. He seems to know more about me than I know about myself. He genuinely seems to have a passion for assisting people in facing themselves and addressing what is holding you back from being who you truly are. It’s like he sees your higher self or knows that person. He understands the work that needs to be done to get yourself there. Highly recommend, feel lighter after speaking to him


    Frequently Asked Question

    The first Emotional Power session can be as long as 3 hours and includes a guided meditation to help you relax you discover your blockages that are holding you back.

    The complete Emotional Power program includes 3 follow up sessions.  These additional sessions help continue the momentum from the initial breakthroughs experienced in the first session and work on new situations that may arise.

    Yes.  We practice strict safety precautions with cleanings before and after every session.  Hand sanitizers are available and masks are required for in all in person sessions.

    We offer multiple payment options including E-Transfer (send to, Credit Card (Visa & M/C), PayPal, Bank Transfer, and cash for in person appointments.

    No.  We work with clients all over the world.  Sessions are available by Phone, WhatsApp, Video Chat and in person at our Home Studio adhering to Covid Safety protocols.


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    Questions? Give us a call, email, text or WhatsApp message and we’ll try and answer all your questions.

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